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Special Notes

Several souvenir editions of this skin have dropped from old DreamHack 2013 Souvenir Packages, likely because of an unintended bug. This may be changed in the future to prevent future souvenir drops, but it is unlikely the existing souvenir skins will ever be removed.

Souvenir versions of other skins in The Bank Collection do not exist and cannot drop.

Skin Quality Steam Logo Price Steam Logo Listings Steam Logo Median Steam Logo Volume BitSkins Logo Price
Factory New $0.14 323 $0.13 66 $0.18
Minimal Wear $0.05 1409 $0.03 892 $0.09
Field-Tested $0.04 10300 $0.03 2474 $0.06
Well-Worn $0.04 1745 $0.03 442 $1.88
Battle-Scarred $0.04 3626 $0.03 656 $0.04
Souvenir Factory New
Souvenir Minimal Wear
Souvenir Field-Tested
Souvenir Well-Worn
Souvenir Battle-Scarred
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