Special Notes

This skin's appearance was updated on 11 June 2014 due to art theft. See the original skin here.

The rarity was changed from Covert to Contraband, it was removed from Huntsman Collection and Huntsman Weapon Case and is no longer obtainable except through trading or the Steam Market.

Skin Quality Steam icon Price Steam icon Listings Steam icon Median Steam icon Volume BitSkins icon Price CS:GO key icon Keys
StatTrak Factory New 696 Keys
StatTrak Minimal Wear 485 Keys
StatTrak Field-Tested 379 Keys
StatTrak Well-Worn 278 Keys
Factory New $1,850.00 822 Keys
Minimal Wear $1,800.01 1 $1,200.00 533 Keys
Field-Tested $1,454.09 4 $1,446.69 2 $987.52 512 Keys
Well-Worn 203 Keys
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