Heading for the Source

By 3kliksphilip

High Grade Music Kit

StatTrak Available

Heading for the Source

Added: 24 August 2022


Trading Stats

Steam LogoListings 515
Steam LogoMedian $1.47
Steam LogoVolume 187


Trading Stats

Steam LogoListings 230
Steam LogoMedian $2.52
Steam LogoVolume 74

On a quest to go pro, or unintentionally going low? Let this kit’s 80’s synths and dreamy melodies take you back. Back, back, back... to the good old days.

Main Menu

MVP Anthem

Choose Team

Won Round

Lost Round

Death Cam

Bomb Planted

Bomb 10 Second Countdown

Round 10 Second Countdown

Start Round (Variation 1)

Start Round (Variation 2)

Start Round (Variation 3)

Start Action (Variation 1)

Start Action (Variation 2)

Start Action (Variation 3)

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