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The Audience You Want

CS2 Stash is the #1 CS2 skins site with many thousands of unique visitors. Our worldwide audience is highly engaged and enthusiastic about CS2 skins and items. Advertising on CS2 Stash lets you quickly reach this huge audience of gamers and traders, establish your site as a trusted name, and bring a large critical mass of interested users directly to your website.

CS2 Stash Shows Google Display Network Ads

Advertisements shown on CS2 Stash are mostly filled through the Google Display Network. The best way to display your ads on CS2 Stash is by advertising in Google AdWords (or a Google ad network partner) and targeting your ads to the domain directly. The guide below goes over some of the basics of doing this.

Note: We typically does not negotiate ad prices or sell ads directly due to the large number of different requests. This may change in the future or for special cases discussed by e-mail. If you are an experienced ad-ops manager who would be interested in this job please e-mail us!

Creating AdWords Ads

  1. Log into Google AdWords
  2. Click Campaigns
  3. Click the red +Campaign button to create a new advertising campaign
  4. Select either Search Network with Display Select or Display Network only. CS2 Stash is in the Google Display Network. It is up to you if you also want to target Google search results. We recommend targeting the Display Network and directly for more cost effective, targeted results.
  5. Fill in your campaign details:
    • Name your campaign
    • Select your marketing objectives (e.g. See your ad, Visit your website, etc.)
    • Select the countries and language you want to target. All countries and territories and All Languages or multiple major languages are recommended. The CS2 audience is spread over many countries!
  6. Choose a bid strategy:
    • Maximize clicks to aim for the most visitors.
    • Viewable CPM to aim for the most ad views but not necessarily clicks.
    • Manual: Manual CPC to set the most you are willing to pay for each click to your site.
    • Other bidding strategies are available if you have conversion tracking set up or would like to out-bid another specific competing website.
  7. Set your daily advertising budget. You can change this at any time.
  8. Save your campaign.
  9. Create an ad group to hold multiple ads, name it, and enter a landing URL.
  10. To target directly, choose Use a different targeting method, Placements, search for Select and use the arrows to add it to the list of sites you are targeting. Save and continue. Google Adwords Screnshot
  11. Create your ads by uploading an image or create a text ad. Your ads will by reviewed by Google, typically in less than one day. After that the ads will start displaying and bringing visitors!


  • Create your ads using standard industry sizes. Over 75% of ad impressions on come from the 728x90, 160x600, and 300x250 sizes. However, different responsive ad sizes are also displayed on smaller screens:
    • Leaderboard (top horizontal banner): 728x90 (primary), 468x60, 320x100
    • Skyscraper (left vertical banner): 160x600 (primary), 120x600
    • Medium rectangle (box mixed among listings, footer): 300x250
  • Use images of popular and expensive skins and knives in your ad designs, if appropriate. These are the items the CS2 Stash audience is most excited about!
  • Use the e-mail, Steam, or Twitter links at the bottom of this page to contact us about any problems, questions, or suggested changes to this page
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