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Driver Gloves | Lunar Weave

Extraordinary Gloves

Driver Gloves Lunar Weave

Description: These driving gloves offer protection from the elements while still maintaining tactile sensation. Midnight blue suede has been interwoven with jet black leather to give these gloves a timeless look.

Flavor Text: Keeps the blood off your hands...metaphorically speaking

Finish Catalog: 10013

Added: 29 November 2016

Glove Quality Steam Logo Price Steam Logo Listings Steam Logo Median Steam Logo Volume BitSkins Logo Price
Factory New $900.00
Minimal Wear $411.38 4 $415.44 1 $369.52
Field-Tested $184.92 22 $167.66 9 $127.69
Well-Worn $179.95 3 $132.25 1 $160.92
Battle-Scarred $117.72 7 $101.07 1 $99.00
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