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Bloodhound Gloves | Guerrilla

Extraordinary Gloves

Bloodhound Gloves Guerrilla

Description: These fingerless gloves have been decorated with metal studs and the Operation Bloodhound logo. It was made with a mix of brown leather and synthetic leather with a camo print.

Flavor Text: Valeria plans on retribution, of that there can be no doubt... - Sebastien Hennequet, Sniper

Finish Catalog: 10039

Added: 29 November 2016

Glove Quality Steam Logo Price Steam Logo Listings Steam Logo Median Steam Logo Volume BitSkins Logo Price
Factory New $1,232.70 1
Minimal Wear $255.73 3 $161.76
Field-Tested $142.62 14 $142.70 3 $103.99
Well-Worn $142.76 4
Battle-Scarred $131.18 6 $107.42 1 $92.00
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